• Customer-defined threat intelligence sharing communities
  • Flexible and granular sharing policies for maximum control and privacy
  • Security indicators collected, anonymized and distributed in a confidential and timely manner
  • Integration with proprietary, commercial and open source data sources to provide complete tactical/operational and strategic/contextual threat Intelligence
  • Intelligent scoring engine dynamically incorporates account source, reporter credibility, severity, impact and community feedback
  • Web-based portal enables notifications, social interaction, and case management and research
  • STIX (1.1.1)/TAXII Compliant REST API for bi-directional integration with open tools such as Soltra Edge
  • ArcSight ESM bi-directional Integration with near-real-time” synchronization of active list, content, rules, and more
  • Universal Search across all entity fields with filters and relevancy-sorted returned results

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Harness the power of a community

Get insights about early attack sightings and threat actors by tapping into communities organized a common interest, such a community with a common interest, such as a common industry or vertical, geographies, and more


Control what you share

Use comprehensive policy settings to define how much information to share and with which communities


Get derived actionable results relevant to you

Avoid noise and false positives by leveraging an analysis engine that delivers derived, relevant and actionable threat Intelligence based on observed Incidents, case investigations, social interaction in the communities


Mitigate attacks automatically

Automatically apply remediation steps to protect critical systems and IP by leveraging solutions (such as HPE ArcSight ESM and HPE TippingPoint) to specifically block access to targeted ports or apply policies which can limit the damage of attacks


No Vendor Lock-in

Leverage the feeds and standards-based threat intelligence tools you’re also using in your environment